Beard Oil + Hair Fall Combo

Beard Oil + Hair Fall Combo

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Beard Oil


Mothers Man Beard Oil is formulated with very essential oils. These oils are very rich linoleic acid, Vitamin E and Omega-3 which are the main source of fatty acid that removes all hazards regarding beard growth even in genetic issues. Some other used oil like Hazelnut oil contains palmitic acid, stearic acid and very little linolenic acid and some minerals also like potassium, calcium and magnesium.Hazelnut Oil is very important for moisturizing and softening your facial hair. All these ingredients are pressed by natural resources which makes the product 100% organic.

Hair Treatment Oil


Mothers Man hair treatment oil helps to Reduce Hair Fall and stimulates new Hair Growth. It contains the goodness of Amla , Tulsi , Kapoor, Neem , Shikakai, Shankhpushpi and so many natural ingredients that detoxify, eliminate infections, treat the scalp to free it from dandruff, psoriasis, etc.



Quantity : 100ml




1.      Ingredient known to grow hair.           

2.      Ingredient known to nourishes to scalp.   

3.      Ingredient known to reduce dandruff.





Emblic , Thyme , Basil , Nigella , Spikenard , Fenugreek , Ecliptaalba , Asparagus , Zedoary , Nagarmotha , Neem , Duddhi , Coconut Oil , Camphora , Pipermint , Sesame Oil , Fragrance.

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