Teeth Whitening Powder

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  • Stain and Cavity Removal
  • Plaque Removal
  • Cure to Sensitivity
  • Made in India
  • Premium Quality Ingredients.
  • Finest Charcoal, not Hardwood.
  • Hassle free brush like normal.
  • Purifiers and Detoxifies

Other Information


     Charcoal , Emblic , Clove , Blackpepper , Nutmeg , Neem , Cinnamon , Camphora , Pipermint.

Quantity-  50gm

Description- Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

Derived From The highest – quality natural ingredients sources, Mothers Man activated charcoal (Stain Removal) Formula is safe to use for whitening your teeth. While being easy on your gums. Through the power of Activated Charcoal , Nature’s purifiers and detoxifiers.

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