Hand & Foot Soak

Hand & Foot Soak

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Hand & Foot Soak

It softens, removes toxins, and adds a much-needed mineral to your body (magnesium) … all at the same time. PLUS … it’s super relaxing (and sleep-inducing, so do it just before bed). It’s just like being at the spa. Minus the price tag. And plus the convenience of being able to roll into bed one minute later.

Quantity : 200gm

Benefits :

  • And man do they work to relieve stress and tension! By simply soaking my feet, my back and shoulders will relax too.
  • This foot soak recipe uses Epsom salt and essential oils, which work wonders on the body.
  • Not only do they work together to draw out aches and pains, they also work to draw out toxins.

Ingredients :

Herbal Extracts, Essential Oils, Magnessium Sulphate , Olive Oil.

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