Hand & Foot Soak

Hand & Foot Soak

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It softens, removes toxins, and adds a much-needed mineral to your body (magnesium) … all at the same time.  PLUS … it’s super relaxing (and sleep-inducing, so do it just before bed).

It’s just like being at the spa.  Minus the price tag.  And plus the convenience of being able to roll into bed one minute later.

Quantity: 200gm



1.       And man do they work to relieve stress and tension! By simply soaking my feet, my back and shoulders will relax too.                  

2.       This foot soak recipe uses Epsom salt and essential oils, which work wonders on the body.                                                                            

3.       Not only do they work together to draw out aches and pains, they also work to draw out toxins.



Herbal Extracts, Essential Oils, Magnessium Sulphate , Olive Oil.

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