Hair Treatment Oil

Hair Treatment Oil

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Hair Treatment Oil

Hair fall control or to prevent hair loss is the top priority to use hair treatment oil. There are different herbs that upgrade hair development and enhance the surface of your hair. So Hair oil which contains these herbs is very useful. Hair fall control oil is something that the vast majority of us keep away from because of its oiliness. Nonetheless, if the oil is made of herbs that are intended to benefit the hair and does not have synthetic substances, it will neither be oily nor be sticky and heavy. This will leave the hair beautiful, shiny and bouncy and you can say goodbye to all your bad hair days. Mothers Man hair treatment oil contains all the herbs with no side effect and it prevents all hair problem.

Mothers Man hair treatment oil helps to Reduce Hair Fall and stimulates new Hair Growth. It contains the goodness of Amla , Tulsi , Kapoor, Neem , Shikakai, Shankhpushpi and so many natural ingredients that detoxify, eliminate infections, treat the scalp to free it from dandruff, psoriasis, etc.

Quantity : 100ml

Benefits :

  • Ingredient known to grow hair.
  • Ingredient known to nourishes to scalp.
  • Ingredient known to reduce dandruff.

Ingredients :

Emblic , Thyme , Basil , Nigella , Spikenard , Fenugreek , Ecliptaalba , Asparagus , Zedoary , Nagarmotha , Neem , Duddhi , Coconut Oil , Camphora , Pipermint , Sesame Oil , Fragrance.


Essentially utilized for cleaning the earth from the scalp and invigorating hair re-development.


Hostile to a bacterial property of Basil Ward Off Dandruff and counteract male pattern baldness. It additionally purges the roots and scalp and abstains from tingling.


Fenugreek seeds have been utilized for quite a while to keep the turning gray of hair. The Main Reason behind hair fall is harmed hair and everything that harms hair can be taken consideration by the fenugreek.


Ecliptaalba oil executes off lice by choking out them. Ecliptaalba oil can likewise be utilized to enhance blood course in the scalp and consequently improve hair development. After some time, utilization of eucalyptus oil adds a characteristic sparkle to hair strands.


Highlighting various unsaturated fats, amla oil is thought to reinforce hair follicles and condition hair. Defenders likewise guarantee that amla oil can advance hair development and help treat dry, irritated scalp and dandruff.


Coconut oil invigorates hair development getting profound into its follicles. Coconut oil advances the scalp wellbeing battling against such issues as bug chomps, lice, and dandruff.


The counter microbial and blood refining properties of neem leaves address the main drivers of male pattern baldness, in this way animating the development of sound solid hair. Here, you will become more acquainted with various methods for utilizing neem leaves for male pattern baldness.

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