Charcoal Face Wash

Charcoal Face Wash

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Charcoal Face Wash

The best facial wash to include in your everyday routine is here. The powers of activated charcoal have been made popular over the last few months and no wonder! Charcoal lifts impurities from your skin and deep cleanses your pores leaving you with a clean and rejuvenating feeling on your face.

Quantity : 75ml

Benefits :

  • Free from harsh chemicals, parabens and known irritants like gluten and dyes.
  • Made with natural & organic ingredients that NOURISH and SOOTH the skin.
  • We’ll keep your skin clear and healthy so you can LOOK YOUR BEST.
  • Each ingredient has been carefully chosen to do just that.

Ingredients :

Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Distilled Water, Shea Butter, Activated Charcoal Extracts, Tea-Tree Oil.

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