Top Four Beard Problems

Having beard is pretty cool but there are some basics problems which also come with the beard and here you are going to know about four common problems related with the beard and their solutions, so let get started……


Itching is the very most common problem faced by men which cause due to of many reasons one of the reason is shaving with a razor which cuts hair into sharp edges and when beard grows these sharp edges scratch skin which tends to itch. Dry skin is also a reason for itching under beard which is a result of overuse of face wash and non-presence of natural moisture in the skin.
  1. Moisten your skin by using moisturiser but kept in mind that every skin needs a special one so I recommend using as per your skin nature.
  2. Use face wash which also moistens your skin.
  3. Beard oil prevents itching and also provides vitamins to your face skin.

Slow Growth

Having a fully grown beard and moustache is a big source of men pride and hence its supports masculinity.  One of the most common problems related to the beard is slow growth or improper growth of beard hair.
Reasons –
  1. One of the reason is that not every male has the same genes so having thick or thin beard also depends upon genes and also on testosterone level.
  2. Face hair also need care and proper maintenance and need nutrition in the form of Keratin and melanin which helps them to grow.
Prevention –
  1. Clean your skin twice a day with Luke warm water and cleanser which open pores on your skin and speeds ups the process.
  2. Take proper nutrition in your diet and must take vitamin A B C and E these vitamins helps in boosting hair growth.
  3. Use beard oil but as recommended by the doctor which suits your skin nature.
  4. Beard oil can help you to grow a beard more early. Mother’s Man beard oil is formulated with natural vitamins and organic products which help in making beard grow faster.


Dandruff is the condition in which skin flakes begins to appear which a result of skin dryness or cell regeneration is generally. When skin generates new cells it accumulates dead cells and hence they appear as flakes and sometimes its produce itching and redness under your beard which is the result of the absence of sebum (natural skin oil produced by sebaceous gland).  
  1. You can use Mothers Man beard growth oil to moisturise your beard and to add artificial sebum which your skin is unable to produce.
  2. You can wash your beard once in 3 days to remove flakes from your beard with the same shampoo you use for the scalp.
  3. Have a coconut oil massage to deeply nourish your skin.
  4. Use organic beard oil to prevent your skin from chemicals.


Sometimes when you don’t wash your beard for a long time it getting smell why? The answer is simple your beard gets dirty and hence it smells but sometimes it smells due to sweating and another reason is that when you stay in an environment which is full of bad odour your beard traps it and smells like same that.
  1. Mothers Man beard oil is organic and is formulated with an odour neutraliser which draws away unpleasant smell and leaves a fresh smell in your beard.
2.    Make sure to wash your beard daily with the scented shampoo to remove dirt and other micro pollutants.
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