Top 5 Face Problems Faced By Men

Top 5 face problems faced by men

Unfortunately, no one has perfect, skin everyone is bearing with facial problems. Unlike women’s men’s are also facing these problems but there is a difference between their problems I.e cause and cures. Here we will discuss top 5 facial problems of men with their cause and prevention.
1- Acne/Pimples  -: Having a pimple is a very common face problem which is mostly caused because of puberty. when a child becomes to be a teen some hormonal changes take place inside his body and when these harmonies mixed with bacteria cause a pimple. Sometimes pimples cause to open pores on a face to create a passage for a beard. The reasons for pimples or acne may be your diet or climate/weather change or over sweat and humidity.
Prevention -:  pimples caused by hormonal change can’t be stopped but can be within the limit. Hormones cause a pimple when they mix with bacteria so killing bacteria from your body will be the best option and for that, you can use these natural ingredients to treat pimples.  neem contains antibacterial properties which also helps in maintaining the metabolism of the body, tomatoes, blueberries, brown rice,  and fruits containing vitamin c like orange, lemon.
2- Oily skin -: Oily skin is generally caused because of sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands are responsible to produce oil to maintain the softness of face but due to other factors they get disturbed and produces much oil they need and it makes face Oily. Sometimes it comes through heredity from our parent or grandparents. Your diet also makes your skin Oily like dairy products are much responsible for that because they contain more cream which contains unsaturated fats.
Prevention – Take these steps regularly to get rid off the Oily skin.
  1. Wash your face with a face wash or cleanser to remove excess oil from an upper layer of a face. The cleanser will remove oil and dirt from deep pores on your face.
  2. Taking liquid will be much helpful like juice which hydrates you and stops sebum-producing gland.
  3. Avoid dairy products which contain cream. Avoid junk food, Oily food, and spicy foods.
3- Sunburn -: Sunburn is also very common problems which are affecting around 80% population of the world. The only cause of sunburn is UV radiations which comes from the sun. Sunburn may cause skin infection like itching, redness, and rashes.
  1. You can apply sunscreen daily to protect skin from harmful UV radiations.
  2. Wear full sleeves shirt and cover your head with cotton cloths to protect skin from direct sunlight
  3. Wear sunglasses to protect eyes from sunlight
  4. Take vitamin E in excess to heal skin. You can eat food containing vitamin E and apply vitamin E lotion to your skin twice a day.
4- Wrinkle -: Wrinkle not only happen with aged and old peoples but youngsters also posses wrinkle due to several reasons. The mostly found cause of wrinkle in youngsters is UV radiations. UV rays accelerate the natural aging process by breaking skin connective tissues which are collagen and elastin fibers. The other reason is alcohol and smoking cigarettes also damage these connective tissues which results in wrinkles. Wrinkles are also caused because of the stress of work and emotional tension.
To find a solution to a problem treats with a cause of a problem.
Take these steps to get rid of wrinkles
  1. Cover your face from direct sunlight to protect the face from UV radiations.
  2. Instead of shirt naps take a full sleep to relax your mind.
  3. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol.
  4. Eat right food with proper liquid diet to hydrate and nourish your skin.
5- Darkening of skin -: Darkening of skin also a facial problem which mostly occurs under eyes and on lips. This Darkening is also caused due to of sun exposure which increases in production of melanin in the skin and causes hyperpigmentation. Other facial parts like under eyes and neck become black because of Acanthosis nigricans (AN)  condition in which the skin turns dim and thick and may feel smooth. It can show up on the neck, in folds of skin, and somewhere else on the body. It’s most generally found in the armpits.
  1. Avoid direct sunlight and smoking.
  2. Use natural resources.
  3. Apply Aloe Vera juice on darken area.
  4. Use lime juice directly or you can make a paste of lime juice and honey and then apply it.
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