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Important Tips For Skincare In Summers

Summers are coming and vacations also during this you can plan trips and picnics but remember summer also brings the heat with it which is so harmful to your skin but don’t worry here we are going to tell you about some tips to care for your skin during summers. So let’s get started.                                                          

 Keep Yourself Hydrated

During summers due to sweating, skin gets dehydrated which leads your skin to sunburn so it’s better to keep hydrating yourself and nourishing with vitamins and minerals.  
What to do?
Drink more and more water during your daytime along with juices. Take orange juice and include lemons in your diet to enrich your skin with vitamin C also include onion in your diet it prevents you from warm winds and also cures skin burn when applied roughly.  

 Apply Moisturiser

Maybe your skin gets oily during summers it doesn’t mean to skip the moisturiser. Instead of using cosmetic use natural moisturiser.
What to do?
Aloe Vera which hydrates the skin and provides antioxidants to your skin which helps in curing tanning and sunburn also.  

Do Exercise

During summers mostly people get lazy and avoid exercise which leads them to the poor health condition. During exercise blood flow rates increases which carries necessary nutrients to the skin cells and makes cells vital. There is another reason is that during exercise your body release sweat which comes out carrying the dirt and other toxic elements present in your skin and hence its prevents rashes and itching.
What to do?
Perform at least 30 min exercise which makes you sweat if you are not sweating even in summers then you are just passing time. Keep in mind over exercise makes you dehydrated and also avoid exercise if you are working in such field where you sweat naturally.  

Clean Your Face

Because of sweat and dirt face becomes oily and so clammy which also harms skin because it closes pores which results in blackheads and pimples.
What to do?
Clean your face at least twice a day with oil-free Cleanser or we recommend to clean your face with a face wash after every time you come from outside. We also suggest cleaning your face with cold water at least four times in a day if you have itching and pimple problems.  

Avoid Sun

Direct UV rays affect very badly on the skin along with tanning it can also lead to skin cancer. Avoid direct sun rays by delaying your trips between 10 AM to 4 PM or choose the mode of travel which keeps you in shade.
What to do?
Cover your face and hands with mask and long cotton gloves or use full sleeve shirts. Apply curd on the tanned area it has antioxidants which help in curing tanning or you can apply cabbage leaves paste. Before going to open area apply SPF cream and keep yourself more in shade than direct to the sun.
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