How To Use Beard Oil?

How To Use Beard Oil?

Using Beard Oil is one of the most simple processes of our grooming activities. But Before just applying it directly we should follow these steps.
Clean Your Face
We do a lot of works in a whole day, Visit many places, touch many things all these daily activities cause excess oil and dust on face thus not only Beard Growth Oil but also before applying anything on the face we should wash or cleanse our face with a suitable face wash of cleanser.  

Wipe the Face Gently
Washing your face with some good products is not enough. People rub their face while wiping out the water and that cause dead skin and redness on the face. We can also use cotton cloth or soft towel and wipe the face gently.
Apply Beard Oil
If your Beard oil has a dropper then take 4 to 5 drops of it and massage it on your Bearded area if does not contain dropper then take a little amount of it on your palm and apply in the same way.  
When To Apply Beard Oil
We received a lot of queries regarding the timing of applying Beard Oil. People are confused about the right time of applying it. It should be in the day or night. Look my friends if you have a full thicker beard then time does not matter if you are using it for growing a thicker beard then apply before going to your bed. Keep it on your face over the night then wash it off in the morning.    
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