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Remove Tan With These Easy Steps

Summers are always good but one of the most asked questions during summers is how to remove tan and known con of summers is tanning. Nobody can be happy with having tan on any part of the skin. It becomes more frustrating when Tan appears on the face. If we simply explain the Reason of tanning,
  • The main reason for the appearance of tan is an oxidation process of Ultraviolet Rays.
  • Using too much makeup also causes tanning.
  • Travelling with extra oily skin also increases tanning.
  • Using Soap on the face is responsible for killing moisturiser from skin and glow that causes a kind of tan.
Here are three tips for removing Tan

Anti-Tan Face Pack- Using an herbal Anti Tan Face pack is very helpful for removing tan from face. Mothers Man Anti Tan Face Pack is very much rich in anti-oxidant properties that eliminate the tan due to the Ultraviolet rays of sunlight. Mothers Man Anti-Tan Face Pack is a one of a kind face pack that combines the benefits Organic & Natural. Enriched with Papaya, Turmeric, Calamine, and clay, it gives beautiful radiant glow removing all signs of tan, dullness, and sunburn caused by the UV Rays. It has skin lightening, firming, toning and anti-aging properties.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Charcoal Peel-off Mask– We can’t say that Charcoal peel-off mask is as beneficial as Anti-Tan Face Pack but yes Charcoal has the cleansing and oil removing properties thus it helps in getting the even complexion. The best action it takes, removes the blackheads and tightens the pores.

Aloe Vera Gel- If you have Aloe-Vera plant in your home then cut a leaf and peel its gel off and massage with it. Aloe-Vera does not contain single benefit it has the bag of skincare and healing properties. Applying Aloe-Vera gel on the face does not only helps in Tan reduction but also recover the dead skin and improves the radiance.  
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