How to Grow Beard Faster?

How to Grow Beard Faster?

Before some years, the trend of beard had gone, people used to like being cleanshaven. Also, this is considered very important for a formal and simple look. But being Bearded is again one of the biggest trends all over the world. A youngster who doesn’t have a beard, they just try hard and spent a lot of money to grow it. Men who have a thicker beard they maintain and groom it well. Having beard is more trending amongst the age group between 17 to 40. Today we are going to discuss how to grow Beard faster? Or How to fix patchy Beard. But before describing or giving answers we should go through the Three phases of facial hair.  
Anagen Phase
The first phase of facial hair cycle stays on the skin longer than others. This phase can take from months to years for a growing beard. Amid the anagen arrange, the facial hair can develop to around 1 cm consistently, so if the hair is solid enough to produce for a year, it can amplify its development and achieve 12 cm.  
Catagen Phase
After the End of Anagen or before it enters the telogen Phase facial hair take some time to grow again or we can say it is the best time of beard before growing again, thus this rest time is the Catagen Phase.  
Telogen Phase
Telogen stage is on the scalp and works for around Four months, But Telogen stage organizes less development than the Anagen yet it additionally makes the new follicle development. As old follicles resign, new ones have their spot, and the cycle rehashes.   For growing a thicker and shiny beard you must get to know about the facts and figures affect the beard and beard growth. By getting enough knowledge of these three stages you can compare your beard growth.   There are some useful tips and suggestions by which one can help grow a thicker beard.
Analyze the Factors

Before working on beard growth we should analyze the factors for not having a beard. There can be multiple factors such as –


Genetics, if you don’t have hair follicles no product or shaving can grow your beard after all Genetically you must have hair roots on your face.


Age, Beard follicles typically start growing from the age of 14 but this is not a proper beard. These are just newborn Vellus or goosebumps on your bearded area.


Origins, Simply Origins define the belongingness of a person. Because of Origins, Some Asians are less prone to growing beard than others and Greeks and Italians have thicker Beard.


Some other factors are- Testosterone, Three phases of Beard Growth, Stress, Diet, Health Condition.

Use Face Scrub
Using a Face Scrub once a week will help exfoliating and removing dead skin. It also boosts the tiny hair to grow faster.      
Keep your skin Clean
Keeping the face or skin clean by using Face Wash or Wipes can control or remove the layer of oil and dirt. Wash your face with lukewarm water.
Avoid Overthinking
Overthinking is not the only barrier for the Beard Growth but also cause many medical conditions such as Depression, Fatigue, Migraine. Overthinking hit the blood cells and cause less development of hair follicles.  
Use Beard Oil
Using a Beard Oil will not help you growing a hobo beard or full beard but using a Beard Growth oil made with the mixture of essential oils like- Argan, Olive, Coconut, Almond can lead to some serious changes in your Beard Growth. All these oils are very rich in Vitamin E and moisture. Beard Oil rich in Vitamin E contains Inflammatory properties which help growing beard. Used Olive Oil Helps in beard growth, penetrating hair follicle, makes beard strong.          
Take Vitamin and Protein rich Diet
Beard cannot grow without the right and healthy nutrients. It’s very known that vitamin E and Biotin is very helpful growing new hair and skin repair. Taking proper oil free diet and avoid fast food also helps in Beard Growth. Notwithstanding drinking the suggested eight glasses of water multi-day will help keep the development thick and solid Beard.
Do Exercise Daily

Aerobics is a standout amongst the best approaches to expand testosterone levels. If you have less or patchy Beard then you can also try some Polymetric exercises like- Jumping Ropes, Burpee, etc.


All these tips and suggestions are well-known result oriented. But we should always keep in mind that there is no miracle or product which can grow your beard overnight. Once should have patience and positivity for achieving any goal otherwise being clean shaved will always be in trend.

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