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  Hairstyles for men and haircuts refer to the styling of hair usually in the head scalp. Hairstyles for men is the main aspect of men personal grooming which gives him a damn look. Hairstyles are now used to look attractive, stunning and well-formed. There are four types of hairs but two of them are commonly found these are curly and straight but remaining are rarely seen which are kinky and wavy so it’s difficult to choose one of the best haircuts according to your type.     There are numerous kinds of haircuts available but the most popular haircuts are -:
  1. Pompadour with side part high fades or low fades.
  2. Undercut, Undercut fade.
  3. Slick back.
  4. Disconnected undercut with a side part.
To solve this problem we have gathered some of the best coiffures for straight and curly hairs-:
 1. Top 5 Hairstyles for straight hair

Slicked back pompadour with high fade-: The slicked-back hairstyle is flexible and simple, so the most critical thing to have is some top-notch styling item to smooth back your hair with.

Suave slicked back-: The slicked back undercut is a hairstyle that involves keeping the sides and back of your head in an undercut haircut while the hair on the top is kept long enough to be able to slick it back.

Straight fringe in action-: Fringe shaped cutting of the front part of the hair so it lies over the forehead. Fringes are usually cut fairly straight – at or above the eyebrows, but can also be ragged or ruffled, spiked up with hair gel, mousse or Hair wax, swept aside, or cut longer to fall over the eyes.

Fade cut with flat top-: The blur hairstyle is one that normally goes with on hairstyles that are shorter length, yet we are presently observing longer hair on top with a blur come into men’s hairdo patterns.

Medium length hair blow dried back.-: Medium length hairs are dried back with the help of blower to give a shape of rough slicked back with a flat top
2. Top 5 Hairstyles for curly hair

High Skin Burst Fade with Curly Afro-: The High skin blurs hairstyles for men, otherwise called a zero blur and uncovered blur, is an exception in vogue and famous men’s decrease blur trim.

Low Skin Fade with Curls and V-Shaped Neckline-: This skin fade style is low in strength with a V-shaped cut at the back of the neck.

Messy Curly Quiff-: The quiff is one of the most iconic hairstyles a man can sport. The versatile nature of the look means it works just as well with short, mid-length or long hair.

Curly Hair Undercut-: The wavy hair undercut might be outstanding amongst other hairdos for men with wavy or wavy hair.

Curly low Top Fade-: Curly hairs are generally styled with low top fade with a side part undercut.
3. Top 5 Hairstyles for wavy/kinky hair

Slicked back waves-: Wavy hairs are additionally smooth back with the utilisation of wax and hair gel. Front head hairs get adjusted on account of s-state of wavy hairs so this style may take some days to set on the scalp.

Undercut slicked back waves-: When slick back wavy hairs are done with an undercut ( high or low fade) then it’s known as undercut slicked back wave.

Normal set-: The General set of styles of wavy hairs are the natural pose of hairs which comes by birth so it suits much better than other hairstyles.

High fade side part with long length wavy hair-:  Long length Wavy hairs are styled with side part blur. The blur will rely on the face shape or nearness of facial hair. Low blur will suit on a facial hair full face and high blur will suit on the clean shave.

Messy hair with low waves -: Low waves can be set up with long, medium and short length hairs also hence it’s easy to set hairs in messy styles. Messy styles can be done with the help of a blower at home.
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