14 Fatty Acid Rich Foods Help In Beard Growth

In today’s advanced era if a young man keep a healthy beard seems he is more influencing than a clean shaved man.

Growth of a beard depends on many hormonal and genetic factors. The growth rate of someone’s beard is also affected by the food he takes on daily basis. Using only Beard Growth Oil will not deliver the expected result but if you include these fatty acid and mineral rich foods in your diet then it will be beneficial for beard.
Here are some best Sources of Vitamin D and other minerals help in beard growth.
A lot of researches prove that deficiency of vitamin d can be harmful for both skin and hair. inadequate quantity of Vitamin D in body does not only stop beard growth but also causes Alopecia.
All of our body organs are interconnected to each other. As soon as one part of our body is affected due to the lack of vitamin D other functions may also result slow growth. Same goes with hair and the beard. In-case Vitamin D is less than the required quantity our hair and beard growth cycle may be slow.
Some Best Foods for Vitamin D Intake-

1- Salmon

vitamin d rich food

2- Herring

source of vitamin d

3- COD Liver Oil

4- Mushroom


Biotin is highly known for biological growth in beard and hair. Biotin is the complex of vitamin H and B7. One of the main functions of biotin is to convert intakes into the energy. Deficiency of Biotin can cause prevention in Hair and Beard growth. Vitamin B7 is very rich in metabolism functions. At the primary stage of facial hair growth cycle taking Biotin rich foods can help in boosting the beard growth.
Some Biotin Rich Foods that help in Beard Growth-

1- Avocado

biotin rich foods  

2- Cauliflower

Source of biotin  

3- Nuts

source of biotin  

4- Sweet Potato

source of sweet potato

Vitamin E rich foods are the best among these for beard growth. Even if you look at any hair care product’s ingredients i am damn sure that it must contains Vitamin E. Having Vitamin E in adequate quantity can solve multiple skincare and  hair care issues. Vitamin E is an anti oxidant that these emphasis on the possibility that it can decrease cell harm and improve beard development. Vitamin E is also highly known for new hair growth. Eating 10 almonds daily can helps someone if he/she is loosing hair. Even some Experts believe Vitamin E is the only enough mineral that could help making your skin beard prone. Taking these Vitamin E rich foods can make skin beard prone.  
Some Vitamin E Rich Foods that help in Beard Growth-

1- Almond

Vitamin E rich food

2- Peanuts

Vitamin E rich foods  

3- Spinach

Vitamin E rich foods

In present era Fatty Acid is one of the famous Supplements people are using by purchasing these through various E-commerce websites. Specially Men are using it for solving out the hazards in Beard Growth. Some of the main functions of biotin includes damage protection of hair follicles, making hair thicker, hair regrowth.

Fatty Acid also helps in making keratin structure for hair and beard that helps in making new hair follicles and roots, If one can not take fatty acid rich foods then there multiple online brand which are offering Omega 3 Fatty Acid at very reasonable price. But Most important thing is to do not take any supplement without Doctors suggestions.
Some Fatty Acid Rich Foods that help in Beard Growth-

1- Chia Seed

Fatty Acid  


fatty acid  

3- Mackerel

fatty acid
fatty acid
These 14 Foods are very rich in Vitamin and other Minerals those are highly known for Beard and hair growth. We also defined above some vegetarian sources of Vitamin E and Fatty Acid. These are the Basic research based opinions thus before taking any supplement or food consult with Dietitians.  
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