Anti-Tan Face Pack

Anti-Tan Face Pack

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Anti-Tan Face Pack

This pack has creamy consistency but it is not very thick and is easy to apply. The fragrance is mild and pleasant. It reduces tanning and also shows immediate results. The packaging is travel-friendly and the pack is easily available. This pack works gently and does not sting. The pack is easy-to-use and has herbal ingredients.

Quantity : 65gm

Benefits :

  • Natural Rejuvenating and Skin Lightening Facial Treatment.
  • Special Anti-Tan Formulation: Reduces the effects of UV exposure.
  • Potent Blend of Ayurvedic Herbs, Extracts, Oils and Minerals for a holistic treatment of the skin.

Ingredients :

Turmeric Extracts, Garbanzo Bean Extracts, Herbal Extracts, Essential Oil.

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